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Clean Slate Staging

Updated: Dec 6, 2019

Staging a home for resale is a science and an art. You want to show people what the space could be, while still leaving room for them to envision their own furniture in the home. Its a delicate work as you have to keep function and design equally in mind.

The space of this house was so fun. With a semi-open floor plan, you can create a flow throughout the house, but still give way to separate living spaces - a perk that is lost in a lot of open concept homes today.

My favorite color is blue (as you'll easily pick up on that as you stick around Hillary Baden Designs!). And when I'm given free-range on a home, I choose blue! The majority of the design stays with the gray & neutral color theme, but the pops of blue make it feel like home. Adding leather gives the design another dimension of texture and life - those chairs are just everything!

This house was empty when we started staging, but hiring staging services for your home when you're still living there is important, too! A designer can help you use most of what you already have to make your space look like a new house! Many people say after a professional designer stages their home, they don't want to move. So, I say - why wait?? There are still a few spots left for August Staging Sessions.

What room is the hardest for you to stage - to really feel like its "put together" and finished? I'd love to know in the comments!


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