• Hillary

Bohemian Master Sweet Suite

This master suite is like nothing you've ever seen before. Our client called saying she wasn't sure what to do with her new master suite. They had recently moved to their newly renovated home and she had set up the rest of the house beautifully. So I was confused by what was making this room such a challenge...until I saw it. It is more than a suite. It is SWEET. Its a stinking studio apartment!

Large spaces are attractive when purchasing a house, but sometimes the scale of current furniture or the sheer issue of filling all of that space can be difficult. The space was so large that, instead of trying to create a cohesive, seamless space throughout the room, we decided to give it distinct spaces within the room.

We set up a fireside chat area:

A snuggle couch and entertainment area:

And a home office (she is the flower-shop-owning-boss-babe of Flourish Flowers and Gifts afterall!):

And since she is the queen of plants and flowers, we incorporated the outside in anywhere we could. Lots of plants, pictures of plants and textures that resemble plants fill all four corners of the room.

The uber-talented Florals for Freedom painted this original piece for our client and it is the perfect piece for the space!

Photo cred: Ashley Kay Photography


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