• Hillary

Modern Farmhouse Bath

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

We took a builder-grade bathroom and turned it into a custom, high-end modern master bath and I absolutely love how it turned out!

A hexagonal shower and jetted tub with tiled surround made this bathroom feel small and out of date. The client wanted to open up the space and to definitely get rid of the jetted tub (what a pain to clean!).

So, we started over with the shower footprint - tore down the pony walls and straightened out the edges. Getting rid of a bench that was never used gave so much physical and visual space to the shower.

Many clients think that if they want to move from a jetted tub to a freestanding, they will have to incur lots of extra costs for relocating the plumbing. And, while this is sometimes the case, we were able to match a beautiful acrylic tub to the existing drain and keep the plumbing in place! Keeping consistent tile throughout the shower and tub surround made the room feel bigger and brighter, too!

Another pivotal change is the wood vanity and double mirrors. The original shape of the bathroom made the vanity feel tight and the wall-to-wall mirror actually did the opposite of opening the space up.

After elongating the floor tile and opening up the shower, we were able to add a beautiful wood vanity gave the room more visual space. Not to mention, those wood tones against the gray floor are just about perfection.

What do you like about this bathroom? Are you a freestanding or jetted tub-lover?? We'd love to hear!


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