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Moody Living Room Reno

Clients often have trouble putting words to their personal style because, well, its personal and particular! You like what you like and you're not always sure why. But, after some honing in on the overall feel and inspirations that you are drawn to, we are able to take those thoughts and make them a reality!

This client swung somewhere between a modern farmhouse lover and a Scandinavian snow queen. She loves the vintage/curated feel of the farmhouse but the moodiness and simplicity of hugge. It was so fun to find the pieces that she ultimately fell in love with and see her personal style come out in the end!

To update the living room, we added some special elements through woodworking. Carpentry is one of the least expensive ways to make a HUGE impact on your home. A simple wainscoting wall took this living room from plain to finished.

Custom mantle and shelving in the living room gave the room a whole new feel! The light wood contrasting against dark floors. The white cabinets and fireplace contrasting against the blue wood wall. It all works together so well.

"Quirky" is what she described her dream bookshelf as and with that, we got to work. What's more fun than adding some quirk into your decor?! (Answer: nothing.) We found amazing animal busts, gold cat eye glasses, and even some of the client's items - like a hand carved owl and old grenade - that added the perfect amount of unexpected to the shelves.

Another area that needed some updating was the kitchen nook. Custom benches and storage drawers plus a custom upholstered cushion made this feel like a completely new space.

Big thanks to all the great partners who made this job happen:

Contractor: Rave Renovations

Upholstery: Cherry Sage Designs

Photo Cred: Ashley Kay Photography


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