• Hillary

Music Studio Makeover

When I was contacted by Legacy Music Studio, Trey Hernandez Media, and Charles Tobias Mixing I knew the answer was yes to this project that would launch this amazing collaboration. Having four creatives in one space - all with different, unique talents - was more than fun! The clients' biggest request was to create a space that all different clients would feel comfortable so they felt free to create without distraction or discomfort.

The group needed a space that was versatile to accommodate anything from informal jam sessions to album recordings to photography shoots. The colors, texture, and overall vibe of the space had to be one of versatility.

After a short-lived consideration of a white & bright room, we decided on a deep & moody vibe instead. Lots of rich colors and textures work perfectly with the space from all angles.

The final product is a beautiful one - from a geometric wood wall that quietly steals the show to the abstract art gallery wall to the rug that ties all of it together.

Photography Credit: Trey Hernandez Media


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