We systemize our design process to ensure a quality product with every project while meeting your unique needs as well.

Contact us for pricing and more information on any of the services listed below!

Full-Service Design

Every client with a Full-Service Design Project will have a team of Hillary Baden Designs staff assigned to you. The team consists of:


- Designer who will work with you to create, select, and finalize the design for your project


- Principal oversight - Hillary oversees all projects and will review each piece of the project personally. She will be present at the Design Walkthrough, Presentation, and Installation of the project and make periodic site visits to ensure the project is going well.


- A team of HBD staff managing all details of design and procurement including ordering and receiving all materials needed (from dining tables to doorknobs)!

Renovation Management​ Add-on

Renovation Management Add-on includes:

- A Project Manager who will take the design and implement it. They coordinate all sub-contractors on your behalf, give you weekly updates on the project's progress, and ensure all work is done to our quality standards.


- A team of HBD staff managing all details of your construction project from collecting and paying sub-contractors to tracking all project expenses to make sure the budget is honored.

General Contracting Add-on

This Add-on includes everything the Renovation Management Add-on has, PLUS the use of all of Hillary Baden Designs' vetted contractors.

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